2023-01-31 (Q1.1)

Create Multiple Teams in the Same Railz Account

If you have multiple teams or products using the same Railz account, they may not all be using the same integration configuration. It may also be helpful and sometimes required for each team/product to define their own connection journey and limit access to the data for various security and compliance reasons. Enterprise customers now have the ability to create multiple teams within their accounts. You will be able to expand your integration capabilities and streamline team collaboration with multiple teams within a single Railz account.

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Load Railz Connect as a Modal

Enhance your user experience by seamlessly accessing Railz Connect through a sleek modal window. Railz Connect™ can now open as a modal in your application. Simply specify if you want to keep the embedded version or the modal for more customization options.

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Support Connecting to Institutions via OAuth in Plaid Link

Our updated Plaid integration in Railz Connect allows you to easily connect your SMB's bank information to financial institutions that require OAuth through Plaid Link. Easily connect to major US financial institutions like Chase and Wells Fargo with our new OAuth support in Plaid.

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Up to 5 Railz API Keys

We have updated our API to allow generating up to 5 API keys per team (previously limited to 2).

Overall Improvements and Non-breaking Changes

  • API Performance optimization.
  • Data extraction and normalization improvements.