Learn about pricing, what is considered a billable event, and how to monitor your bill.

Railz Dashboard - Billing. Click to Expand.Railz Dashboard - Billing. Click to Expand.

Railz Dashboard - Billing. Click to Expand.

Pricing Plans

Railz offers three types of pricing plans:

  • Free - free forever. Allows you to connect multiple service connections. Data access is limited to 10 connections only.
  • Pay as You Go – with a monthly minimum of $1000 per month and $5 per connected account per month after.
  • Custom – a custom pricing plan that meets your integration needs.

Pricing Information

Pricing information for pay-as-you-go plans will be displayed on the billing page before you submit your subscription request. For exact pricing details for custom plans, select the custom pricing option on the billing page, and Sales will get in touch to inform you what volume discounts you may be eligible for. Or, you can contact Sales via the contact form.

Viewing Billable Activity

To view billable activity for your account, see the Billing page on the dashboard.

Updating Payment Information

Pay as you go customers can update their payment method and billing contact information on the dashboard. Custom customers should contact their account manager to update this information.

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