Step 3: Create a New Connection

Now that you have Railz Connect™ installed and the accounting integrations configured, we can start talking about connecting to accounting service providers. See the section below for a breakdown of the authorization flow and process to show you how it works.

You will make your first connection using a dummy accounting service provider called Railz Cloud Accounting. Feel free to experiment! It will give you a feel for how this will perform with accounting service providers when you are ready to go to production.


The end-to-end integration requires client-side and server-side configuration.

Here is a high-level flow for the business when for creating a new connection:

1. Business Authorization

A business will follow the online authorization process as established by each accounting service provider. This process will redirect the user to the accounting service provider's website to validate their login credentials and explicitly authorize consent for your app to access their data.


Authorization requires a user with an administrator or account owner role.

Railz Connect - Authorization Flow. Click to Expand.Railz Connect - Authorization Flow. Click to Expand.

Railz Connect - Authorization Flow. Click to Expand.

Upon successful authorization, Railz will encrypt and store the Business' connection credentials which creates a new connectionId associated with the businessName and serviceName. Typically, connection credentials are valid for 12 months after authorization.


Sandbox has No Authorization

Business authorization is not required when testing Railz Cloud Accounting in Railz Connect™ on the sandbox.

2. Widget Redirection

Once the accounting service provider is successfully authenticated and authorized, Railz Connect™ will redirect the end-user to the success page. You will be able to choose what that page is to ensure a seamless experience for your users.

Railz Connect - Success Landing Page. Click to Expand.Railz Connect - Success Landing Page. Click to Expand.

Railz Connect - Success Landing Page. Click to Expand.

Note that once the authentication is completed, two things happen:

  • On the client-side, your end-user is redirected to the landing page of your choice.
  • On the server-side, Railz collects all required data from that connected accounting service provider.

Progress Check

By this point, here's what you should have accomplished:


Mastered Railz Connect™ Connection Flow

  • Test out a connection through Railz Connect™, using our dummy accounting service provider Railz Cloud Accounting
  • Create a connectionId associated with a businessName and serviceName after each successful connection.

What’s Next

Now that your server is receiving the connectionId and businessName from your newly connected accounts, it's time to set up the right API calls to receive the accounting data you need.

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