Step 1: Signup and Setup

Let's quickly create your Railz account to access your API keys and configure Railz Connect™ to suit your brand and preferences.

1. Create a Railz Account

Create your Railz account by accessing the signup page on the Railz Dashboard™.

Railz Signup Page. Click to Expand.Railz Signup Page. Click to Expand.

Railz Signup Page. Click to Expand.

2. Generate API Keys

From the Railz Dashboard™, click the API Keys page under Developers in the sidebar to obtain credentials for API access. On this page, you will be able to generate an API identifier (client_id) and secret key (secret_key).

Railz API Keys Page. Click to Expand.Railz API Keys Page. Click to Expand.

Railz API Keys Page. Click to Expand.


Backup your API Credentials

Note that when you generate new credentials, old credentials will no longer be valid. Make sure you backup your credentials for future use.

Use your API credentials and call the Auth Endpoint to retrieve an access_token. For example, you may use curl for this as follows. Refer to the API Authentication section for more information.


3. Install Railz Connect™

Once logged into the Railz Dashboard™, click the Connect page on the sidebar to get your code snippet. Refer to the Railz Connect™ section below for more information.

Once setup, businesses may now interact with Railz Connect™, provide authorization to their accounting service provider, and you may use your access_token to start calling the API Endpoints to retrieve this data.


Some of our customers will opt to complete a full custom API integration rather than use Railz Connect™ on the front end using our Railz API Reference. While this can provide you with more control over the UX, it does require more time and more complex development efforts. Feel free to speak to us before diving in!

Progress Check

By this point, here's what you should have accomplished:


What Should Be Done:

  • You opened a Railz account and obtained API keys
  • You configured Railz Connect™ to your liking
  • You copied the code snippet
  • You added the code snippet into your page, application or webview


Need Help?

Our Help Center is a great place to reach out to our team if you have any questions or need assistance.

What’s Next

Now that you have Railz Connect™ added to your client-side, the next step is to set up your app to handle new connections and prepare to request the data. Alternatively, if you are still looking for some extra customizations, check our extensive list of customizable parameters for Railz Connect™ before proceeding.

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