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What is Railz?

Railz is building the foundation for the future of finance with the largest financial data network. We provide real-time connectivity to major accounting, banking and commerce platforms to provide you quick access to normalized and analyzed financial data on your small and medium-sized businesses.

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A quick introduction to building with the Railz API.

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Explore our API endpoints through our interactive API reference.

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Understand key concepts & terminology used in our docs.

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Explore Products

Learn how Railz's products can help you make the most of your small business data.

📑 Accounting API

Access normalized data from leading accounting service providers.

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🏦 Banking API

Retrieve up-to-date bank account information and transactions.

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🛍 Commerce API

View sales, orders and payments data in a normalized format.

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Railz Connect™

A plug-and-play widget that provides a secure, fully customizable and conversion-optimized connection authorization flow.

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Railz Sites™

A secure, no-code Railz-hosted page, powered by the Railz API & Railz Connect™, that lets your business customers connect their financial data.

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Railz Dashboard™

Manage your account, configure integrations and use our platform with no code to view your connected businesses' financial data.

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Railz Analytics™

Access enriched data to feed your models and gain a better understanding of your business customers' behaviour.

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Visualization SDK

A collection of standardized web components that help you build the next generation of embedded finance products and dashboards.

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