🚨 Changed Functionality

✔️ Deprecation of memo field under the lines object for POST /Deposit endpoint

The memo field will no longer be duplicated under the lines object for the POST /Deposit endpoint. memo will remain under the main deposit object.

✔️ Fixed: Deleting a business with special characters

An issue that prevented businesses with special characters in the name to be deleted has been fixed in this release.

✔️ Fixed: Pushing FreshBooks Bills with Memo

An issue that prevented pushing bills with a memo field to FreshBooks has been fixed in this release.

✔️ Overall improvements and non-breaking changes

  • API Performance optimization.
  • Data extraction and normalization improvements.
  • API endpoints & data models improvements.
  • Sage Intacct accounting integration is now part of our open beta program.
  • Ability to search for a report in the Railz Dashboard.
  • Businesses created by the API will now appear in the "New" column of the Railz dashboard.
  • Improved the calculation of multiples to revenue value in the business valuation endpoint.
  • The initial sync time in seconds of a new connection is now returned in connections and syncStatus endpoints under syncTime field.