🚀 New Features

:heavy-check-mark: Expanded support for managing payables solutions in Freshbooks

Railz now supports pushing bills and bill payments to Freshbooks. Customers will be able to create bills and bill payments through the Railz API:

For more details, see the Freshbooks integration.

:heavy-check-mark: Ability to add metadata when connecting businesses via Railz Connect

Railz now supports defining and providing metadata when connecting a business via Railz Connect. Metadata allows customers to add attributes used internally for ease of identification or tagging:

  • Ability to define & provide up to 5 metadata properties when connecting a business.
  • Metadata can be returned in webhook responses.

For more details, see Railz Connect metadata.

:heavy-check-mark: Webhooks Security

Customers can now add a Bearer Authorization header and other custom headers to all webhook events to prevent unauthorized users from posting content to their webhook.

For more details, see webhok security.

🚨 Changed Functionality

:heavy-check-mark: Enhanced support for manage receivable and payable solutions in Netsuite

  • Railz now supports pushing a bill payment against multiple bills to Netsuite. Customers will be able to create a single bill payment, split between multiple bills in a single API call Bill Payments.
  • Railz now supports pushing an invoice payment against multiple invoices and pushing an invoice with an invoice number to Netsuite. Customers will be able to create a single payment, split between multiple invoices in a single API call Invoice Payments

:heavy-check-mark: Enhanced date filters for the Accounting Transactions endpoint

Railz now supports querying the AccountingTransactions endpoint with any date range. Customers can search for accounting transactions made on a specific date or specific date range.

:heavy-check-mark: Overall improvements & non-breaking changes

Released overall improvements & optimizations to:

  • Data extraction & normalization improvements.
  • API endpoints & data models.
  • Railz Connect user experience improvements.