Customize Railz Connect

All customizable options for design and functionalities are controlled by the options that are entered directly as parameters into the Railz Connect™ script.

Here's an example:

<!-- Insert this div where you want Railz Connect to be initialized -->
<div id="railz-connect"></div>

<!-- Start of Railz Connect script -->
<script src=""></script>
  var widget = new RailzConnect();
    parentElement: document.getElementById('railz-connect'),
    widgetId: 'wid-bf51a64f-1d10-4dab-9e63-7bbbd123edd6',
    // Add additional Railz Connect configuration  paramaters here
    brandColor: 'A52EFF',
    accentColor: '3D58F3',
    language: 'en',
    redirectUrl: '',
    serviceFilterEnabled: true,
    closeEnabled: true,
    closeRedirectUrl: '',
    headerEnabled: true,
    removeRailzWatermark: false,
    metadata: [
        name: "businessLocation",
        value: "canada",
        webhookLocation: ["header", "body", "query"]
<!-- End of Railz Connect script -->

All parameters and options available to you are described below:

Business Name

ParameterDefault valueValid values
businessNameUUIDstring, length=[2, 40], does not contain {% [ ] \ *( ) { } "}\

The unique identifier of the business as defined by you. If left as null, a unique identifier for the business will be assigned by Railz. The business name should be a 2 to 40 characters long and must not contain any of the following special characters: {% [ ] \ * | ( ) { } "}.


ParameterDefault valueValid values

Railz Connect™ was designed to support multiple languages. As of today, the only supported language is English.

Layout Customization

ParameterDefault valueValid values
serviceFilterEnabledtruetrue, false
closeEnabledfalsetrue, false
closeRedirectUrlnone-set[string URL]
headerEnabledtruetrue, false
removeRailzWatermarkfalsetrue, false

Removing Service Filter

To hide the search bar in the service provider selection menu, you need to specify the parameter serviceFilterEnabled=false.

Enabling Close Button

To add a close button to Railz Connect™, you need to specify the parameter 'closeEnabled=true'. If closeEnabled=true, closeRedirectUrl is required, which will redirect the end-user to the provided URL when they click close.

Hiding Header

You can remove the text from the header by specifying the parameter headerEnable=false.

Removing Railz Watermark

You can remove the Railz logo watermark by setting 'removeRailzWatermark=true'.


Removing the Railz watermark is only available on paid plans.

Brand Customization

ParameterDefault valueValid values
brandColor38C076Hex Color Code
accentColor000000Hex Color Code

Brand Color

Customize the color of links and borders by setting the brandColor parameter.

Accent Color

Customize button background colors by setting the accentColor parameter.

️ Hex Color Code

You must not include the # character in the hex color code.
✅ Good usage: brandColor=38C076
❌ Bad usage: brandColor=#38C076


ParameterDefault valueValid values
redirectUrlnone-set[string URL]

Railz Connect™ will redirect the end-user to a Railz branded landing page once their account was successfully connected.

We recommend setting the redirect URL to your custom landing page, which can be a Thank You page or a landing page specific to the next step in your process.


ParameterDefault valueValid values
namenone-setstring, length=[2, 40]
valuenone-setstring, length=[2, 255]
webhookLocationnone-setarray, enum values header, body, query

Add up to 5 metadata objects when adding a business through Railz Connect™. You will be able to view the provided metadata through the GET /businesses endpoint.

  • name: The metadata property name - e.g. country.
  • value: The metadata property value - e.g. Canada.
  • webhookLocation: If provided, metadata will be sent in the webhook event response header, body and/or query param. See webhooks for more details.

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