Step 3: View Data

Now that you have added a Business and created a connection with an Accounting Service provider you can view and download the financial summary & reports in Railz Dashboard.

  1. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Businesses.
  2. Select the Business Name.
  3. Click on View Data under the Overview column.
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    "Railz Dashboard - View Financial Summary. Click to Expand."
    "caption": "Business financial summary page for a demo business. Click to Expand."
  4. The Financial Summary tab will show you visualizations of the overall financial health of a business. You can also access the Reports tab to view detailed financial reports like financial statements, invoices and more!
Railz Dashboard - View Reports. Click to Expand.

View available financial reports for the demo business. Click to Expand.

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Congratulations, you have completed the Railz Quickstart! From here, we invite you to learn more about all the features and next steps to get you ready for production.