Railz Sites Overview

The simplest way for businesses to connect their financial data.

Railz Sites™ is a secure, no-code Railz-hosted page, powered by the Railz API & Railz Connect™, that lets your businesses connect their financial data.


Railz Sites. Click to Expand.

Railz Sites™ provides features that allow your business customer to:

  • Connect/re-connect their accounting data.
  • Connect/re-connect their banking data.

You can also customize Railz Sites to match your branding. This includes your logo and colours.


Railz Sites™ will use the same integration settings used by Railz Connect that you enabled in the Dashboard.


Supported Browsers

Railz Connect is only supported using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you have issues using Railz Connect in other browsers, please try again using one of our supported browsers.

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