Start taking advantage of financial data by using Railz Insights™

How Railz Insight™ works. Click to Expand.How Railz Insight™ works. Click to Expand.

How Railz Insight™ works. Click to Expand.

Assuming that you have already set up Railz Connect™ and started your integration, you’re now all set up to initiate the process of taking that data one step further by utilizing Railz Insights™.

Put simply, Railz Insights™ our analytics are outputs of organized, cleansed and normalized accounting data. You get the benefits of using enriched data to feed your models and gain a better understanding of your customers' behaviour — without having to deal with any of the tedious tasks that arise when working with raw data.

Railz Insights™ can be put together like building blocks to create a far superior understanding of your business’ behaviour. Railz Insights currently supports the following features (refer to our Railz API Reference for more details).

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