Dashboard Home

The Railz Dashboard Home page gives a quick way of seeing the breakdown of your connected businesses by status, your current billing usage (or lifetime connected businesses if on a Free plan) and a breakdown of active connection by type.

Railz Dashboard - Homepage. Click to Expand.

Railz Dashboard - Homepage. Click to Expand.


This section gives you real-time insight into the number of businesses and the current status of their connection journey.

Business StatusDescription
ActiveThe number of businesses with at least one active connection.
PendingThe number of businesses with a new connection that hasn't been connected yet.
InactiveThe number of businesses with no active connections.
Current Billing UsageThe number of businesses connected in the current billing cycle. Displayed for customers on Pay as You Go or Enterprise plans only.
Lifetime BusinessesThe total number of businesses you have connected to date regardless of current status. Displayed for customers on a Free plan only.