Manage Data Sync Settings

Data Sync Settings


Manage Data Permissions

Data Sync Settings can only be updated by Super Administrator and Administrator roles at a team level.

By default, Railz will synchronize all supported data types on an initial and successful business connection. To understand how data sync settings work see below.

  • To update how Railz syncs your data on first connection, go to the Data Sync page under the Integrations tab of the Dashboard.
  • Data sync settings are applied at a team level and on first connection to newly connected businesses only.
  • Select the specific data endpoints for accounting, banking, and commerce that you want to syncs during the initial connection, ensuring you receive the most relevant information right from the start.
    • V2 endpoints are labeled as /V2 to inform you which data types are only available for V2 API only.
  • The de-selected data endpoints will still synchronize once the initial sync of the selected data types are completed.
  • Railz automatically syncs 5 years of data.
    • The number of years to sync can be adjusted from 1- 5 years for those on Free and Pay as You Go Plans.
    • Those onEnterprise plan can change the number of years to sync from 1 - 10 years. Offering more data coverage.
  • Select save once you have made the changes.