Railz Connect Overview

Railz Connect ™

Railz Connect™ is a plug-and-play widget that provides a secure, elegant authentication flow for each integration that Railz supports. Railz Connect™ makes it secure and easy for business customers to connect their financial data to Railz.

You also don't have to worry about maintenance since all new supported integrations are added automatically. The design and the user flow can be customized, depending on your use case and customer experience.


Supported Browsers

Railz Connect is only supported using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you have issues using Railz Connect in other browsers, please try again using one of our supported browsers.

Business Authorization Flow

As you might have noticed, you use both a server and a client-side component to create a connection and access the Railz APIs. The business authorization flow looks like this:

  1. A business customer will follow the online authorization process as established by each service provider. This process will redirect the user to the service provider's website to validate their login credentials and explicitly authorize consent for your app to access their data.


Authorization requires a user with an administrator or account owner role.


Railz Connect Authorization Flow. Click to Expand.

  1. Upon successful authorization, Railz will encrypt and store the business' connection credentials which creates a new connectionId associated with the businessName and serviceName. Typically, connection credentials are valid for 12 months after authorization.


Sandbox has No Authorization

Business authorization is not required when testing Railz Cloud Accounting in Railz Connect™ on the sandbox.

  1. Once the service provider is successfully authenticated and authorized, Railz Connect™ will redirect the end-user to the success page. You will be able to choose what that page is to ensure a seamless experience for your users.

Railz Connect - Success Landing Page. Click to Expand.


Reauthorizing a Connection

To reauthorize a connection you need to ask your business customers to go through the authorization flow again through Railz Connect. You can do so by loading Railz Connect with the businessName populated.

About widgetId

The unique widgetId is provided to you in the Railz Dashboard and identifies your instance of Railz Connect™.

About businessName

The businessName corresponds to a unique business name that you provide to identify the business authorizing access to their service providers. This will allow you to specify which businesses you want to request data on when calling the API.

If no businessName was provided when initiating Railz Connect™, Railz will generate a unique identifier.


We recommend using the POST /businesses endpoint to create a new business, then using it as a value for the businessName parameter when initiating Railz Connect™. If your application workflow doesn't support identifying a business name when initiating Railz Connect™, we recommend you assign a temporary value then updating the business name using POST /businesses.


Railz will remove any orphan businesses (i.e. in the newstate) and release the businessName for use again within 24-hours from creation date if no connection was created.

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