View Business Data

View Business Data

To access a business's data, click into the connected business under the Business Side Navigation. This will allow you to access the following financial information about a selected business:

  • A brief Summary of a business's financial summary including top revenue & expenses, outstanding bills & invoice amounts, financial statements, as well as financial ratios, bank balance and Railz credit score & rating.
  • Detailed financial Reports like financial statements, invoices, credit memos, orders and more. The Reports available depend on the supported data types for the connected services by a business.
  • Bank Reconciliation to compare the cash balance on a business’s balance sheet to its bank’s balance in a given period. To retrieve this report, a business must be connected to both accounting and banking services.
  • Activity log for a business to view a log of activities related to the business connections.

Accessing and Downloading Reports

The Railz dashboard reports page provides you access to view and download data for your businesses. Reports are valuable resources that provide insights into various aspects of our API, and can aid in decision-making and analysis about your businesses.

Follow the steps below to find and download the reports you need.

  1. Open the Railz Dashboard™ and log in.
  2. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Businesses > Click into a connected business.
  3. Select the Reports tab.
  4. Select the report type and apply the reporting filters.
  5. Click on the Export As button to select the file type you want to download.

These reports can be generated via the dashboard or you can obtain the data through our API. For more information on the different endpoints, go to API Overview.

Business Activity Log

The Business Activity Log, provides a detailed log of activities related to a business and the connections. This log captures significant events details with the timestamp for the following:

  1. Business creation
  2. Connection or disconnection to a service provider
  3. Last successful sync
  4. Renaming a business

How to View Business Data - User Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to view business data with Railz Dashboard