Connection Flow Overview

Explore how your business customers can authorize access to their financial data.

Railz supports two ways to enable your business customers to connect their financial service provider accounts:

  1. Use Railz Connect, our plug-and-play embeddable widget that provides a secure, fully customizable and conversion-optimized connection authorization flow.
  2. Use Railz Sites, our no-code and customizable Railz-hosted page, powered by the Railz API & Railz Connect™, that lets your businesses connect their financial data securely.

Explore both options and determine which one is best suited for your needs.

How to Choose?

Both Railz Connect and Railz Sites offer a conversion-optimized, web-accessible and fully customizable connection authorization journey.

  1. For the best results and user experience, you can embed Railz Connect in your application's front-end code and customize the journey to meet your needs.
  2. If you're looking to get up and running quickly or want to have proof of concept, use Railz Sites. You can use it out of the box or integrate the onboard multiple businesses link into your existing app or marketing campaigns.

Conversion Optimization

Both Railz Connect and Railz Sites were built with conversion optimization at the center of the user experience by ensuring transparency, consent, control and security as part of the connection journey.



The conneciton flow ensures transparency by explaining to your business customers what data is being shared, how the data will be shared, the value they will recieve by sharing the data and the progress in the flow.

Railz Connect and Railz Sites allow you to define and set the proper messaging to create a transparent connection journey experience.



By being transparent, business customers should have enough confidence to trust granting you access to their data.

All accounts connected through Railz Connect and Railz Sites are authorized by the business customers directly.



You have your own business rules, use case and customer experience.

Railz Connect and Railz Sites give you enough control over the connection authorization flow to align with your brand needs and meet your business use case and customer needs.



Your business customers need to be confident that their data is secure and private before granting you access to their accounts.

Railz does not store account credentials, scrape data, nor sell business customers data. All connections are consent and permission based. You or your business customers are able to disconnect and revoke access to their financial service providers accounts at any time.