Plaid Environments

Plaid has three different Plaid environments: Sandbox, Development and Production

Plaid Sandbox

Plaid Sandbox is a free test environment in which no real data can be used. Plaid's Sandbox environment also offers a number of special Sandbox-only capabilities to make testing easier. For more information, see Plaid Sandbox. Available in Railz Sandbox only.

Plaid Development

The Plaid Development environment uses real-world data, but like Sandbox, API calls in Development are not billed. Available in Railz Sandbox only.

Plaid Production

While Plaid Sandbox and Development are intended as test environments, Plaid Production is intended for production code. It uses real-world data, and API calls are billed. Available in Railz production environment only.


To avoid data inconsistencies, we recommend that you create new businesses when changing Plaid environments. Connections originally created in another environment will become invalid and will require reauthorization.