Learn how to protect your account

Password Resets

If you ever forget your password to your Railz account, use the Password reset button on the login page to reset your password. You will only be able to receive your password reset email if you have verified your Railz email address. If your email address is unverified, search your email for a message from [email protected] with the subject line "Verify your email to start using Railz" and click on the link in that email to verify your address. You should then be able to reset your password.

Two-factor Authentication

Railz allows you to enable two-factor authentication for your developer account via app-based authentication. After you enable two-factor authentication, you’ll be prompted to enter an authentication code each time you sign in.

Railz Dashboard - 2FA Setup. Click to Expand.Railz Dashboard - 2FA Setup. Click to Expand.

Railz Dashboard - 2FA Setup. Click to Expand.


Backup Recovery Code

When you enable two-factor authentication, Railz will show you a backup recovery code. Be sure to write down the recovery code and store it in a safe place, since it will only be displayed once.

Rotating Keys

If your secret is ever compromised, you should rotate it from the API Keys section of the Dashboard. Clicking the Generate API Keys button will generate a new secret, which you can then copy and test. The old secret will become inactive.

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