Use the Sandbox to quickly develop and test your app

Sandbox Overview

Railz offers a Sandbox Environment that is a free and fully-featured environment that allows developers to test our integrations, happy paths, edge case, and develop product demos. All Railz functionality of both the Railz API, Railz Connect™ and Railz Sites™ is supported in the Sandbox environment.

In the Sandbox Environment, you can connect a business to our Railz Sandbox mocked data for all the accounting service providers or you have the capability to connect directly to a select service providers that offer a sandbox account, allowing users to test with their own accounts.

Railz Sandbox

Railz Sandbox gives you access to a minimum of five years of production-like data (starting January 2017) from any accounting integration supported by Railz. You can create and connect an unlimited number of connections. While we have tried to make this data as varied as possible, please bear in mind it is mainly generated by our team and we cannot guarantee its completeness or accuracy. Railz does not generated sandbox data for commerce and banking integrations. Instead we rely on the Sandbox environment provided by these providers.


Need more Sandbox data?

If you need to simulate specific accounting data or transactions, please reach out to our product team through the Help Center.

Service Provider Sandbox Accounts

Connect to your test accounts for the following service providers to enhance your testing capabilities! This means you can connect to your own service provider sandbox accounts and test the applications with your data, providing a more authentic and real-world testing experience. This flexibility allows developers to tailor their testing approach based on your specific use cases and testing requirements, ensuring a customized and efficient testing process! There is a 50 connection limit to service provider accounts.

Supported Sandbox Integrations

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