Use the Sandbox to quickly develop and test your app

Sandbox Overview

The Railz Sandbox is a free and fully-featured environment that allows developers to test our integrations, happy paths, edge case, and develop product demos. All Railz functionality of both the Railz API, Railz Connect™ and Railz Sites™ is supported in the Sandbox environment.

Railz Sandbox gives you access to a minimum of five years of production-like data (starting January 2017) from any integration supported by Railz. You can create and connect an unlimited number of businesses. While we have tried to make this data as varied as possible, please bear in mind it is mainly generated by our team and we cannot guarantee its completeness or accuracy.


Need more Sandbox data?

If you need to simulate specific accounting data or transactions, please reach out to our product team through the Help Center.

Using Sandbox

The Sandbox can be accessed via the Railz Dashboard™. You can enable the Sandbox mode by toggling Enable sandbox option in the left sidebar navigation menu. Once enabled you can access the Sandbox version of Railz Connect, Railz Sites and API Keys.

Railz Dashboard - Enable Sandbox. Click to Expand.

Enable Sandbox in the left sidebar navigation menu of Railz Dashboard. Click to Expand.


Sandbox API Keys & Widget ID Format

The sandbox and production environments function almost identically, with a few necessary differences. Your sandbox API keys and Railz Connect™ widgetId will have SB_PROD as a prefix. (e.g. SB_PROD_00000CA111B222F33FC4444DF3CE67B0)

Enabling Integrations in Sandbox

Before you can use the Railz Sandbox, you will need to enable the integrations you need to use through the Railz Dashboard™.

  1. Open the Railz Dashboard™ and log in.
  2. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Integrations > Accounting.
  3. Use the toggle to update the integration from Disabled to Enabled.
Railz  Dashboard - Manage Sandbox Integrations. Click to Expand.

Manage Sandbox integrations in the Railz Dashboard. Click to Expand.


Using Banking & Commerce Integrations in Sandbox

Railz does not generated sandbox data for commerce and banking integrations. Instead we rely on the Sandbox environment provided by these providers. See banking Integrations & commerce integrations for more details on setting up banking and commerce integrations in the Railz Sandbox.

Testing Railz Connect in Sandbox

In the Sandbox, you can test Railz Connect without needing to authenticate a real connection. This makes it easy to integrate Railz Connect into your application and test the end-user connection experience. You'll need the sandbox Railz Connect widgetId, which you can find in the Railz Dashboard™. For more details on how to use connect a business using Railz Connect, see Railz Connect.

Testing Railz API in Sandbox

In the Sandbox, you can test the Railz API using your Sandbox API Keys. You can find the Sandbox API keys in the Railz Dashboard™. When making API calls in the sandbox, you can use the same serviceName values used in production. For more details on how to use the Railz API, see our API reference.

Supported Integrations & Data in Sandbox

You can access sample data from all integrations supported by Railz in Sandbox. See Supported Integrations for more details.


Pushing Data on Sandbox

Pushing data on the sandbox is done through mocked responses. No actual data is being created in the Sandbox. Accordingly, pulling data on Sandbox will not contain any records you previously pushed.

Attachments on Sandbox

Pulling and posting attachments are currently not supported in the current version of the Sandbox.

Simulating Webhook Events

The Sandbox provides rich test data, as well as the ability to simulate a number of scenarios for testing in Sandbox. Railz provides a special Sandbox-only endpoint, /sandbox/fireWebhooks, that can be used to trigger webhooks events on-demand, allowing you to test that you are receiving webhooks successfully. See Webhooks for more details.

Sandbox Test Credentials

Simulate different flows using Sandbox credentials. The easiest approach to create connections in the Sandbox is by using the following usernames and password pass_good to simulate the test scenarios that your SMBs may experience while connecting their businesses.

Test ScenarioUsernamePassword
Successful Connectionuser_goodpass_good
Failed Connectionfailed_connectionpass_good
Duplicate Connectionduplicate_connectionpass_good
No Datadata_emptypass_good


Help Us Improve Our Sandbox

Our team is working on adding more test credentials to test other flows. If there are events or scenario you you would like to simulate on Sandbox please suggest or upvote it on our Product Roadmap.

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