Shopify is a complete commerce service provider that lets SMBs start, grow, and manage their business and products online.

You can use Railz with Shopify to securely connect to, retrieve, and view your business' commerce data. Our initial integration allows you to get access to a business':

  • Disputes - List of orders disputes for a business.
  • Orders - List of orders for a business.
  • Products - Latest products for a business available in their merchant store.
  • Transactions - List of payment-related commerce transactions for a business.


️ Shopify Requirements

To use our Shopify integration, you must first create a Shopify app that the criteria below:

If you need to access over 60 days' of orders history, you will need to submit a Read all orders request as indicated in the Setup Shopify section of our docs. Once submitted, you will receive an email from Shopify when your request has been processes. Please note that this request might take up to seven days and you should factor this into your go-to-market plans.

Before setting up & enabling the Shopify integration, please review the requirements above to ensure that your use case adheres to Shopify's Terms of Service. Railz does not guarantee that Shopify will approve your app or grant access to all historical order data.


Public Beta Integrations

Some new integrations are in beta only. These integrations go through our testing process and are suitable for customer use with a disclaimer that there is a chance of encountering new edge cases compared to others. Beta features are subject to changes outside of our versioning policy. We recommend getting in touch with our product and integration support team before using Beta features in production.

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