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Add Team Members


Team memebrs can only be added by Administrator roles.

When you first gain access to Railz, you'll be set up with a single Administrator account (the account Owner). The account uses the email address of the main point of contact requested during signup. This Administrator can then add new team members with different levels of access.

To add new team members:

  1. Open the Railz Dashboard™ and log in to your Administrator account.
  2. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Account > Team.

Railz Dashboard - Team. Click to Expand.

  1. Click Add Team Member and fill in the user's name, email address and role.
  2. To complete the account set up, click Send Invitation. You can also resend the invitation if the user has not activated their account.

An email is sent to the user of the new account for them to verify their account details. During this process, they also set up a password.

Team Member Roles

There are four levels of team members on the Railz platform who have access to different functions of the Railz Dashboard™.

AdministratorAdministrators have full access to all the features available in the Railz Dashboard™. They are the only team members who can add, edit and remove other members from your account. This includes all levels of roles so any Administrator can remove other Administrator, Developers and Billing users.
DeveloperDevelopers have access to all the functionality available in the Railz Dashboard™ except the ability to manage billing information, update company information and branding, and manage other team members. Developer users can create and edit integrations, and businesses on sandbox only.
BillingBilling roles have limited access to the Railz Dashboard™. Billing team members can only manage billing plans, update payment information and view invoices.
AnalystAnalysts have access to view and download businesses and reports. In addition, they have access to view a business’ financial summary charts and visualizations.

Detailed Role Permissions

PermissionAdministratorDeveloperDeveloper (on Sandbox)BillingAnalyst
Manage company profile information:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign:
Manage team & permissions:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
Manage billing plan & settings:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign:
Configure integrations:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
Generate & view API keys:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
Manage webhooks:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
Toggle sandbox mode:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
View Railz Connect code snippets:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
Manage IP/domain whitelists:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
View business data:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::white-check-mark:
Manage businesses:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:
Manage company-wide settings:white-check-mark::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign::no-entry-sign:

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