Quickstart for Developers

A quick introduction to building with Railz


Not a Developer?

This quickstart is specifically designed for developers and guides you through the basic steps required to authenticate and make your first API calls. If you're not a developer, check out our no-code Quickstart to get started with Railz.

Need help? Explore other sections of our documentation or reach out through the Help Center.

Welcome to Railz Docs! Let’s get you set up and building with Railz. Follow these steps to authenticate a connection and make API requests:


Before you begin, sign up to create a Railz account and generate API keys. Each environment will require different keys:

Step 1: Set Up Integrations

Configure your integrations to connect to various services. This is essential for the API to function properly:

Step 2: Authenticate

Obtain your API access token to authenticate your API requests. You can use tools like Postman to facilitate this process:

Step 3: Create a Connection

Use Railz Connect™ to establish a connection to your business users' financial data:

Step 4: Make API Requests

Start making API requests to retrieve business customers' financial data:


Familiarize yourself with the two different environments provided by Railz:

SandboxPractice with test integrations and life-like data.
ProductionLaunch your application with unlimited live connections.

API Keys

Ensure you save the client identifier and secret for each environment:

identifierPrivate API identifier for your account.
secretPrivate key, one for each of the two environments.

Backup your API Keys

Whenever you generate new credentials, previous credentials become invalid. Always back up your keys for future use.

Moving to Production

Once you have completed your development and testing in the Sandbox, you can subscribe to a billing plan to activate your production environment and complete your integration process. This will allow you to connect to multiple real business connections and use the full Railz service.