Quickstart for Developers

A quick introduction to building with Railz


This quickstart is specifically meant for developers. It will take you through the basic steps required to authenticate a connection and make your first API call as well as several basic requests. Not a developer? Check out our no-code Quickstart to get started with Railz.

Welcome to the Railz Docs, let’s get you building with Railz. The quickstart consists of 3 easy steps:


This QuickStart is specifically using the Sandbox environment. Please review the next steps section of this quickstart to enable your integrations and get ready for production.

Before you get started, you’ll need to generate API keys after you create a Railz account.

You'll have two different API keys and there are two different Railz environments. Today we'll start in the Sandbox environment. View the API Keys section of the Dashboard in Sandbox mode to find your Sandbox client identifier and secret.

API Keys

identifier Private API identifier for your account.
secret Private key, one for each of the two environments.


API keys can only be viewed and copied by users with Administrator or Developer roles. See detailed team permissions for more details.

️ Backup your API Keys

Note that when you generate new credentials, old credentials will no longer be valid. Make sure you backup your credentials for future use.


SandboxGet started with a test integration and life-like data.
ProductionLaunch your app with unlimited live connections.


If you get stuck at any point in the Quickstart, help is just a click away! Have a look at other sections of our documentation or reach out to our team through the Help Center.

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