Banking Integrations Overview

Connect to your SMB customers' banking data through Plaid

Our integration with Plaid allows you to gain access to up-to-date account and transactions data from your business customers' banks. See our Bank Accounts and Bank Transactions data models for more details on the data you can pull.

Configuring & Enabling Banking Integrations

Railz currently supports Plaid to connect your business' banking data. You will need to register with Plaid before you're able to access the data from their platform via Railz.


Banking Integrations in Sandbox

For testing and evaluation, you can setup Plaid in Sandbox mode using Plaid's Developer or Sandbox keys.

Bank Transactions Classification

Bank transactions retrieved through a bank integration go through our normalization engine to provide you with a classification similar to the level you would expect in the financial statements pulled from a business' accounting service provider.


Bank Transactions Classification - Beta

Please note that Bank Transactions Classification is in open beta. We recommend getting in touch with our product and integration support team before using it in production.

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