Oracle NetSuite FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Oracle NetSuite integration.

How does NetSuite manage the updates of Journal Entries?

When updating any type of journal entry that has been applied as a payment to an invoice or vendor bill, the relationship between the journal entry and payment is removed, and the payment is no longer applied.

Do you need to indicate the currency when you create a Journal Entry?

It is not recommended to set a value for currency. Oracle NetSuite automatically populates this field based on the value of other fields on the record.

How does NetSuite manage subsidiaries when creating a new Vendor?

When creating a new vendor for Oracle NetSuite the field subsidiaryRefs needs to be an array of one value. If subsidiaryRefs contains more than one value, Oracle Netsuite will use the first element of the array, discarding the other ones.

How are Tracking Categories supported in NetSuite?

In Railz, only NetSuite "classes" are mapped to tracking categories. We have plans to expand this to include "locations" and "departments" in the near future.

Prerequisites for Bill and Bank Transfer Creation in Oracle NetSuite

When creating a new bill or a new bank transfer for Oracle NetSuite you need to be sure that subsidiaryRefs.locations is set up in the Business Info.

Prerequisites for Attachments in Oracle NetSuite

When creating an Attachment you will have to grant Railz permission to the Documents and Files list.

Known issues

  • Oracle Netsuite can provide Accounting Transactions without any account information. For that, Railz will catalog the next fields as Unkwon: section, subSection, group, and subGroup.
  • Oracle Netsuite is not retrieving lines.trackingCategories for Estimates endpoint.