Railz Platform Overview

Companies use the Railz platform to gain access to the majority of financial service providers used by small and medium-sized businesses and enable on-demand access to normalized financial transactions, reports, analytics, and insights on those businesses so they can quickly, easily, and inexpensively make decisions based on a business’ financial health.

This guide is an overview of how to use Railz's API and platform features to access your business customers' financial data.

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You can try out the platform right now, using the Quickstart and Quickstart for Developers guides.

Products and Environments

  • Railz API: The Railz API is a RESTful interface for creating and managing your Railz integration. It supports webhooks to give you real-time updates about events in your integration. Learn more and browse available endpoints to make requests: Railz API.

  • Railz Connect™: Railz Connect is a plug-and-play widget that provides a secure, elegant authentication flow for each integration that Railz supports. Learn more: Railz Connect.

  • Railz Sites™: Railz Sites is a secure, no-code Railz-hosted page, powered by the Railz API & Railz Connect™, that lets your business customers connect their financial data. Railz Sites.

  • Railz Analytics™: Railz Analytics™ allows you to access enriched data to feed your models and gain a better understanding of your business customers' behaviour — without having to deal with any of the tedious tasks that arise when working with raw data. Learn more: Railz Analytics.

  • Railz Dashboard™: Railz dashboard is a web-based portal that allows you to manage your account, integrations and to use our platforms with no code to view your connected businesses, their data and a set of financial visual summaries. Learn more Railz Dashboard.

  • Recipes: Simple way to walk your developers through code samples step by step to help them get started with the Railz API faster.

  • Sandbox Environment: A free and fully-featured environment for application development and testing. Learn more: Environments.

  • Production Environment: The live environment for your integration to connect to multiple real business connections and use the full Railz service. Learn more: Environments.

Key Concepts



Next Steps


A business represents an SME that granted you access to its financial data. Each business has one or more connections to a Railz supported integration.

Learn more about businesses


A connection represents a unique authorized data connection between a business and one of their financial service providers, such as an accounting system or bank account.

Learn more about connections


An integration is the ability to connect to a financial service provider used by a SME, such as QuickBooks and Plaid integrations

Railz designs, builds and maintains all integrations with the service providers through their APIs.

Learn more about integrations

View supported integrations & data types

Data Synchronization

Railz supports a two-way synchronization to the financial service provider used by a business.

Learn more about synchronizing data

Learn more about pushing data


Railz allows you to receive webhook notifications for a number of events, such as when a connection was successful/disconnected or business data has been refreshed.

Learn more and setup webhooks


Railz allows you to add users (team members) to your account, with different roles and permissions.

Learn more about managing your team

Where to get help?

:information-desk-person: We tried our best to capture all the information you need to get started in our API docs.
:mag: Expert users looking to access deeper functionalities can check out the full API Reference.

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