Key Concepts & Terminology

Throughout this documentation, you will come across a number of key concepts and terminology used throughout our Products:

Service ProviderThe accounting software, storefront or payment processor used by a business.
E.g. QuickBooks Online, Xero, Shopify, Square, Bank, etc.
BusinessA business represents an SMB that granted you access to its financial data. Each business has one or more connections to a Railz-supported integration.
ConnectionA connection represents a unique authorized data connection between a business and one of its financial service providers, such as an accounting system or bank account.

Connections are established when an SMB completes the Railz connection flow. If an SMB uses Quickbooks Online and Shopify, then that would be considered two separate connections.
IntegrationAn integration is a connection to a financial service provider used by an SMB, such as QuickBooks and Plaid integrations.

Railz designs, builds and maintains all integrations with the service providers through their APIs. View all supported integrations & data types
BetaWe use the Beta support label to indicate functionality, integrations and data types for which we've not experienced high usage compared to others. Beta features go through our testing process and are suitable for customer use with a disclaimer that there is a chance of encountering new edge cases compared to others. Beta features are subject to changes outside of our versioning policy. We recommend getting in touch with our product and integration support team before using Beta features in production.

Railz supports two types of Betas, a Private Beta limited to paid plans only and an Open Beta available to the general public,

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