Setup your Branding


Available on Pay as You Go and Enterprise plans only. See our pricing page or contact our Sales Team for more details.

For a fully custom-branded experience, you can

  • Display your company logo on the left sidebar of Railz Sites.
  • Set your brand color - will be reflected in active tiles, highlights and text-based CTAs.
  • Set your accent color - will be reflected in active buttons.

Railz Dashboard - Brand Settings. Click to Expand.

To customize your branding:

  1. Open the Railz Dashboard™ and log in.

  2. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Settings > Branding.

  3. Select or enter color codes for your Brand Color and Accent Color.


Web Accessibility

To maintain web accessibility, Railz will invert text colour used in Railz sites to match your brand colour. Dark brand colours will results in light text and vice versa. It is your responsibility to ensure that your brand colours are web accessible according to WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

  1. In the Upload Logo section, choose or drag/drop a file to upload.
  2. Click Save Changes

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