Customize Railz Sites

Ways to modify Railz Sites to match your company's branding

Depending on your subscription plan with Railz, you will have access to options to customize your Railz Sites brand color and logo.


Subscription Plan Limitations

Customization is available on Pay as You Go and above only. See our pricing page or contact our Sales Team for more details.

Railz Sites brand settings page. Click to Expand.

Railz Sites brand settings page. Click to Expand.

Customization Options

Railz offers whitelabelling and customization options to allow you to better support SMB through their connection journey. Each customization is broken down into each component for easy customizing that can be reset to the default states.

Onboard Multiple Businesses Link & Content

Once you provide your business customers with a Railz Sites URL, they reach a page where they provide their business name and start the connection journey. You can customize the header and the body of the message on that page.

Overview & Summary Pages

When enabled (by default), extra pages will appear at the start and end of connection journey with Railz Sites.


Choose which types of integrations (accounting, banking, or commerce) you'd like business customers to connect. You can make each integration type optional if you want your customers to be able to skip sharing it during the connection journey.


Before enabling these, you need to set up one or more integrations for each integration type.

Brand Colors & Logo

Customize the look of Railz Sites™ by adjusting the colors or uploading your own logo to match your brand and identity.

Left Sidebar

Specify the messaging that appears on the left sidebar throughout the Railz Sites connection journey. This is an opportunity to clarify what the user is about to do. You can customize the header and the body of the message.

Powered by Railz

Toggle whether the Powered by Railz logo is shown on your connection journey (in the sidebar). This is always on when using our free or pay as you go plan.

Help Link

Customize your help and support messages that are displayed throughout the Railz Sites connection journey.

Terms & Conditions

Specify the message you'd like to display to businesses if you have specific terms and conditions you'd like them to view before connecting.

Customization Options by Subscription Plan

CustomizationsFreePay as You GoEnterprise
Onboard Multiple Businesses+++
Onboard Multiple Businesses Page Content+
Overview and Summary Pages+++
Brand Colors++
Upload Own Logo+
Left Sidebar Content+
Remove Powered by Railz+
Help Link+
Terms & Conditions+

How to Customize your Experience

  1. Open the Railz Dashboard™ and log in.

  2. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Settings > Railz Sites™️.

  3. Select the component you would like to interact with to customize your connection journey and view your changes in the preview.

  4. Click Save Changes to reflect the changes in Railz Sites™️.


Web Accessibility

To maintain web accessibility, Railz will invert text color used in Railz sites to match your brand color. Dark brand colors will results in light text and vice versa. It is your responsibility to ensure that your brand colors are web accessible according to WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

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