Testing Plaid in Sandbox

Once you've setup and enabled Plaid in Sandbox, you can test your integration with Plaid's sandbox by following the same process used to authorize a connection through Railz Connect™.

  1. Select Banking Services in Railz Connect™.
  2. Click Connect your Bank.
  3. A modal will open showing a list of available bank accounts that have sample data for testing. This is Plaid's Link widget.


You will see a message at the bottom of the screen that confirms that you're in sandbox mode.


Bank connection flow in Railz Connect. Click to Expand.


We Do Note Store Banking Credentials

Railz does not store your business customers' banking credentials.


Reauthorizing a Business

Like all connections, a banking connections maybe become inactive. This means that your connection to a business' banking data is no longer valid and you can no longer synchronize banking data. To reauthorize a connection you need to ask your business customers to go through the authorization flow again through Railz Connect. You can do so by loading Railz Connect with the businessName populated.