Plaid is a third-party provider of open banking services that supports over 11,500 institutions across Canada and USA.

Data Types Coverage

You can use Railz with Plaid to securely connect to, retrieve, and view your business' banking data. Our initial integration allows you to get access to a business':

  • Bank Accounts - Account type, masked account number (if available), current balance and limits.
  • Bank Assets- Retrieve a maximum of 60 days of historical bank transaction data, including geolocation, merchant, and category information from the business.
  • Bank Transactions - Current and historical account transactions, for example, payments, cheques or cash.


Supported Financial Institutions

You'll automatically gain access to any new financial institutions that Plaid adds to their platform.

Data Mappings between Railz and Plaid

Plaid's pricing plans give you access to specific products from your configured banking data sources. The table below shows the Plaid products required for each of Railz's banking data types.