Next Steps

Congratulations, you have completed the Railz Quickstart! You are getting closer to production. This is happening! Are you excited? Now that you have everything set in the sandbox environment, check off these recommended steps before launching your app in Production.

1. Subscribe to a Production Plan

If you haven't already done so choose a billing production plan to connect to multiple real business connections and use the full Railz service.

2. Change your API Keys

Ensure you are using your production API keys, which can be found on the dashboard.


Environment API Keys

The sandbox and production environments function almost identically, with a few necessary differences. Your sandbox API keys and Railz Connect™ widgetId will have SB_PROD as a prefix. (e.g. SB_PROD_00000CA111B222F33FC4444DF3CE67B0)

3. Customize Railz Connect™

Customize Railz Connect™ to match your brand and user flow. You can also whitelist your server IP address for additional security before going to production. Learn more about customizing Railz Connect™ before proceeding.

4. Configure your Integrations

See the Accounting Integrations section to learn about configuring each integration. Please ensure you are using production versions of your application keys for each integration.

5. Setup Webhooks

Use webhooks to receive information about events as they occur. An event is an activity that happens outside of your system such as a business disconnecting its connection to your application. To receive and process webhook-enabled events, configure a webhook endpoint in the Railz Dashboard.

For the Webhooks API reference, see Configure Webhooks.

Read Next

Now that you are absolutely ready for production, we encourage you to take an additional look at the rest of our documentation to learn more about all the features Railz has to offer.