Zoho Books FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Zoho Books integration.

Creating an inventory in Zoho Books

Before creating an inventory in Zoho Books if you want to push quantityOnHand.quantity data you have to enable Inventory Tracking. To do so follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings > Items

    • Under the General Tab you need to have Enable Inventory Tracking enabled with an Inventory Start Date.

Creating Bank Transactions in Zoho Books

The types of Bank Transactions that you can create with Railz APIs are Sales Return, Owner Drawings, Sales Without Invoices, Interest Income, Other Income, Expense Refund, Deposit, Owner’s Contribution .

How to create Bank Transactions that require to_account_id as a mandatory field.

When creating a Bank Transaction of the next types:

  • Deposit
  • Interest Income
  • Expense Refund
  • Other Income

You will need to use the raw fields section to include the mandatory field "from_account_id".

Here is an example of how to add the raw field in the passthrough section:

"passThrough": {  
        "from_account_id": "460000000048001"

Limitations for Bank Transactions

When modifying a bank transaction in Zoho Books, it is not possible to change the transaction type.

Limitations for Inventory

In Zoho Books, there is a setting that allows automatically to track inventory. When this feature is active, Zoho Books will generate an error if you try to update an inventory of service-type inventory.

Limitations for Journal Entries

When creating or modifying a journal entry in Zoho Books, entry_number is not configurable through the API.

Limitations for Purchase Orders

When creating a purchase order the address to send the order will always be the address of the company.

Known issues

1. Create Invoices

When creating an invoice and you fill the field discount_amount , this is getting ignored and the return has it as 0.

2. Use of Bills API

For the use of the Bills API in Zoho Books, it's necessary to reconnect all your connected businesses.