Step 2: Create a Connection

Use Railz Sites™ to connect to your business users' financial data

Once you have access to Railz Dashboard, it's time to add your first business connection.

Add a New Business

Add a new business that will grant you access to their financial data.

  1. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Businesses.
  2. Click Add new business.
  3. Enter your business name then click Add.
  4. Wait until the Railz Sites URL is loaded and copy the link then click Done.
Railz Dashboard - Add a new business. Click to Expand.

Add a new business through the Railz Dashboard. Click to Expand.

Connect a Business



You should have your Railz Sandbox integrations enabled before proceeding with this step.

Once you have created a new business and copied the unique link you can send the Railz Sites link to your business customers to connect their financial data.

  1. Once the business customer opens the link they will follow the online authorization process as established by each service provider. This process will redirect the user to the service provider's website to validate their login credentials and explicitly authorize consent for you to access their data.
  2. Upon successful authorization, Railz will sync the business' data and you will be able to access the information. See Step 3 for more details.
Railz Sites - Connect a business. Click to Expand.

Railz Sites view in Sandbox mode. Click to Expand.

Onboarding Multiple Businesses

If you plan on onboarding multiple businesses at once (e.g. through a marketing campaign), you can use a single link to invite the SMBs to connect. Your business customers can then enter their business name and connect in one go.

  1. In the left sidebar navigation menu, go to Railz Sites™️.
  2. Click on the Copy Link button to share with your businesses.
  3. Send this invitation link to multiple businesses.
  4. Your business customers can enter their Business Name and move to the Railz Sites™️ Connection Flow as described in the step above.
  5. The newly connected Business will get created and show up on your Business List page as active.
Railz Sites - Connect a business. Click to Expand.

Onboard multiple businesses link in the Railz Sites settings page in Dashboard. Click to Expand.

Synchronizing business financial data

Before you can see the data of the connected business in the Railz Dashboard, they need to be synchronized. When your business customer authorizes connection to their business data, Railz automatically retrieves all the supported data types. Please see synchronizing data before you proceed to the next step.