Commerce Disputes

The Disputes object


Beta API Versions

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From the Disputes endpoint, you can retrieve a list of all disputes for a specified business.

sortable, filterable
string Identifier of the dispute
orderRefstringReference to the order associated with the dispute.
totalAmount decimalThe total amount disputed by the cardholder.
currencyRef Reference TypesCurrency of the dispute.
sortable, filterable
stringCurrent status of a dispute.
sortable, filterable
stringCurrent reason of a dispute.
sortable, filterable
See Date
Date when the next action in the dispute resolution is due.
sortable, filterable
See Date
Date the dispute was recorded in the commerce platform.

Disputes Status

  • evidenceRequired - The dispute has been open and needs an evidence submission.
  • inquiryProcessing - Inquiry evidence has been submitted and the bank is processing the inquiry.
  • processing - Dispute evidence has been submitted and the bank is processing the dispute.
  • inquiryClosed - The inquiry is complete.
  • chargeRefunded - The merchant refunded the inquiry amount.
  • inquiryAccepted - The merchant has accepted the dispute as being valid.
  • inquiryWon - The cardholder's bank reached a final decision in the merchant's favour.
  • inquiryLost - The cardholder's bank reached a final decision in the buyer's favour.
  • unknown - Railz is unable to identify the dispute status.
  • other

Disputes Reason

  • bankNotProcessed - The customer's bank cannot process the charge.
  • creditNotProcessed - The customer claims that the purchased product was returned or the transaction was otherwise cancelled, but the merchant has not yet provided a refund or credit.
  • debitNotAuthorized - The customer's bank cannot proceed with the debit since it has not been authorized.
  • duplicate - The customer claims they were charged multiple times for the same product or service.
  • fraudulent - The cardholder claims that they didn't authorize the payment.
  • general - The dispute is uncategorized, so the merchant should contact the customer for additional details to find out why the payment was disputed.
  • incorrectAccountDetails - The customer account associated with the purchase is incorrect.
  • insufficientFunds - The customer's bank account has insufficient funds.
  • productNotReceived - The customer claims they did not receive the products or services purchased.
  • productUnacceptable - The product or service was received but was defective, damaged, or not as described.
  • subscriptionCanceled - The customer claims that the merchant continued to charge them after a subscription was cancelled.
  • unrecognized - The customer doesn't recognize the payment appearing on their card statement.
  • unknown - Railz is unable to identify the dispute reason.
  • other