The Contact Object


Beta API Versions

API versions labelled as Beta are not subject to our standard versioning policy. As such, they may undergo small breaking changes until they are transitioned to the stable version. We encourage you to exercise caution when using Beta API versions and take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth integration into your applications

From the Contact endpoint, you can retrieve a list of all contacts (Customers and vendors) for a specified business.

idstringIdentifier for the contact, unique for the business in the accounting service.
contactName stringFull name of the primary contact
sortable, filterable
stringFirst name of the primary contact
sortable, filterable
stringThe last name of the primary contact
emailAddress stringEmail of the contact.
bankAccountRefReference TypesReference to the account the transaction is recorded against. Query the Chart of Accounts endpoint to determine the appropriate Account object for this reference, where isBankAccount is true.
websitestringWebsite of the contact.
sortable, filterable
stringISO-4217 currency code of the contact's default currency.
phonestringPhone number of the contact.
shippingAddressReference TypesShipping address of the customer.
billingAddressReference TypesBilling address of the contact.
contacts Reference TypesAn array of contact information associated with the contact.
taxNumberstringContact tax number.
sortable, filterable
stringContact status.
sortable, filterable
decimalContact outstanding balance.
sortable, filterable
string Specifies whether the contact is a customer or a vendor
sortable, filterable
See Date
The date on which this record was last modified in the accounting service.