The Business object

This section applies to the Business info endpoint. You can retrieve a business' details such as their address, phone number, and business registration. See Business Info endpoint for more details.


The business information is information that is held in the accounting service provider about a business.

businessNamestringName of the connected business.
legalNamestringRegistered legal name of the connected business.
mailingAddressReference TypesThe business mailing address.
legalAddressReference TypesThe business legal address.
businessEmailstringThe primary email of the connected business.
businessTypestringThe type of the connected business (e.g. LLC).
websitestringThe business official website.
primaryPhoneNumberstringThe primary phone number of the connected business.
fiscalYearEndDaynumberThe business fiscal year end day.
fiscalYearEndMonthnumberThe business fiscal year end month.
industryTypestringThe industry type of the connected business (e.g. Financial).
industryCodestringThe industry code of the connected business a.ka NAIC/SIC code (e.g. 523).
baseCurrencystringA three letter string representing the ISO-4217 code for the base currency of the connected business. See Currency
accountingMethodstringThe default accounting method for a connected business: cash or accrual.
businessRegistrationNumberstringRegistration number given to the connected business by authority in the country of origin. In Canada this is Corporations Canada.
businessShortCodestringA unique identifier for the business. Used in a number of potential use cases such as deep linking. Applicable to Xero only.
currencyRefsarrayAn array of supported currencies by the business.

Supported Currencies

idstringIdentifier for the currency, unique to the business in the accounting service provider. Can be the same as symbol for certain service providers.
isActivebooleanIndicates it the currency is being used by the business.
isBaseCurrencybooleanIndicates if this is the base currency used by the business.
symbolstringA three letter string representing the ISO-4217 code for the currency. See Currency.
namestringFull name of the currency.

How to - User Guide

Step-by-step guide on utilizing this endpoint.