Business Valuations

The Business Valuation object

From the Business Valuations endpoint, you can retrieve a business's valuation at a single point in time since inception.

Data Dependencies

  • Business Valuations are created for the monthly timeframe only. Thus, its sources are the monthly financial statements and financial forecast that have the same start date as the business valuation.
  • Business Valuations will not be available if dependencies are missing or if the service provider connected does not support the data types required. See supported data types for more details.


All business valuations are part of an array of reports. See Reports data type for more details on the report structure and its meta-data.

sortable, filterable
decimalThe liquidation value of a business.
sortable, filterable
decimalThe discounted cashflow valuation of a business.
sortable, filterable
decimalThe discount rate used to calculate the discounted cashflow valuation of a business.
sortable, filterable
decimalThe revenue multiple used to calculate the multiple to revenue valuation of a business.
sortable, filterable
decimalThe multiple to revenue valuation of a business.
sortable, filterable
decimalThe first chicago valuation of a business.