Bank Accounts (Accounting)

The Bank Account object


Beta API Versions

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From the Bank Accounts endpoint, you can retrieve a list of all bank-accounts for a specified business.

sortable, filterable
string Identifier for the bank account, unique for the business in the accounting service.
sortable, filterable
stringThe nominal code of the bank account used to classify accounts by department or account type.
sortable, filterable
stringName of the bank account in the accounting service.
sortable, filterable
stringThe bank account type.
sortable, filterable
stringAccount number for the bank account.

For privacy and security,
Account numbers that are 6 digits or less: all but the last 2 digits are masked
Account numbers that are 7 digits or longer: all but the last 4 digits are masked
sortable, filterable
stringRouting number for the bank associated with the account.

For privacy and security, we only display the last four digits of the routing number.
sortable, filterable
stringBank code of the bank account. Can have the same value as routingNumber for certain countries, e.g. US.
sortable, filterable
stringInternational bank account number of the account. Often used when making or receiving international payments.
sortable, filterable
stringBank account institution
sortable, filterable
stringISO-4217 currency code of the bank account.
sortable, filterable
decimalBalance of the bank account.
sortable, filterable
decimalPre-arranged overdraft limit of the account. The value is always positive. For example, an overdraftLimit of 1000 means that the balance of the account can go down to -1000.
sortable, filterable
decimalTotal available balance of the bank account as reported by the data source in the accounting service. This may take into account overdrafts or pending transactions for example.
sortable, filterable
booleanSpecifies whether the Bank account is an active account or not.
sortable, filterable
See Date
The date on which this record was last modified in the accounting service.