Custom Fields QuickBooks Online

Understand how to work with Custom Fields for QuickBooks Online using the Railz API


Create custom fields

To learn how to create custom fields, follow the next link

Railz allows you to push and retrieve custom fields created in QuickBooks Online.

The endpoints that support Custom Fields are:

  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoice Credit Memos
  • Refunds

Pushing Custom Fields

QuickBooks Online enables the pushing of Custom Fields as defined in their API. To achieve this, you must include these fields within the passThrough field, as demonstrated in the example above:

"passThrough": {
      "CustomField": [
          "Name": "PurchasePrefs1",
          "Type": "String",
          "StringValue": "Custom Field One"
  • CustomField: Section where all the custom fields will be added
  • Name: The name of the custom field.
  • Type: The type of the custom field.
  • StringValue: The value of the custom field.


CustomField Validation

The Railz API does not perform validation on the CustomField. Any errors encountered will originate from QuickBooks Online.

Retrieve Custom Fields

To retrieve the CustomFields, you must set passThrough=true. Once this is done, the CustomFields will become visible in the mentioned endpoints above.