🚀 New Features

:heavy-check-mark: Commerce Integrations: Shopify & Square (Public Beta)

Railz now supports integration with top commerce providers Shopify and Square. Customers will be able to retrieve the below through the Dashboard and/or API:

For more details, see the Commerce integration.

🚨 Changed Functionality

:heavy-check-mark: Fixed: Fire Webhooks Endpoint on New Sandbox

An issue that prevented users from using the /sandbox/fireWebhooks endpoint with the new Sandbox has been fixed in this release. Customers must now use the proper serviceName (e.g. xero) instead of sandbox as a value.

:heavy-check-mark: Fixed: Visualization SDK Financial Ratios Dropdown Labels

An issue that prevented the financial ratios dropdown label from updating when changing filters in the visualization SKD has been fixed in this release.

:heavy-check-mark: Fixed: Delete team members

An issue that prevented deleting team members with an owner role has been fixed in this release.

:heavy-check-mark: Overall improvements & non-breaking changes

Released overall improvements & optimizations to:

  • Data extraction & normalization improvements.
  • API endpoints & data models.
  • Railz Connect user experience improvements.