2023-08-29 (Q3.1)

August Feature Release Notes

Released on: August 29, 2023

Webhooks Changes

  • You now have the power to receive tailored event notifications based on the selected data types. By subscribing to the newly added webhook Data Per Type, you can receive real-time alerts when specific data types complete syncing. For more information refer to Data Sync Webhooks.
  • Railz has also extended the webhook's flexibility to enable you to subscribe to multiple events and URLs, granting up to 5 distinct URLs for optimal customization and convenience.

Support of Contacts for Xero

Railz API is excited to announce the expansion of its accounts payable solution in the latest version of our API, API V2, by introducing support for Contacts in Xero. This enhancement empowers our customers with the ability to retrieve the information of all their contacts from Xero.

Create Journals in Sage Intacct

Railz API is now expanding its integration capabilities in the latest version of our API, API V2. Users can easily create Journals in Sage Intacct. Developers can efficiently handle the creation of Journals within their Sage Intacct integration. This enhancement provides increased flexibility and control over financial data management.

Extended Attachment integrations for Sage Intacct

Railz API's API V2 introduce expanded integration capabilities. Users can now easily create Attachments in Sage Intacct.

🚨 Changed Functionality

:heavy-check-mark: Overall improvements and non-breaking changes

  • New Webhooks scenarios in Sandbox
  • Ability to create accounts with parent accounts that differ from their own
  • Ability to set new parameter sessionTimeout in Railz Connect to extend the time to finish completing entering credentials.