2023-06-06 (Q2.1)

Data Sync Settings

Take control of your data sync process by customizing your data sync settings at the team level for your business connections. You can choose the specific data that syncs during the initial business connection, ensuring you receive the most relevant information right from the start. This empowers you to retrieve data faster, operate more smoothly, and provide improved service quality to your customers. For more information visit Manage Data Sync Settings.

Visualization SDK - Business Valuations

Railz offers a Visualization Software Development Kit (SDK), that is a collection of reusable web components using our normalized financial data and analytics suite. We have added the Business Valuation to our Visualization SDK so that you can gain the ability to visualize the valuation of your SMB customers' businesses accurately. For more information visit Visualizations SDK Overview.

🚨 Changed Functionality

:heavy-check-mark: Overall improvements and non-breaking changes

  • Display or hide the 'Save URL' page for later within Railz Sites™ for your business customers to connect at a later time.
  • Delete Webhook to receive events when an object is deleted from the ASP.
  • API endpoints & data models improvements.
  • Data extraction and normalization improvements.