2022-10-17 (Q3.3)

🚀 New Features

:heavy-check-mark: Railz Connect Customizations & Journey

We have a new connectivity journey that will provide a step-by-step guide on how to connect to each integration to help onboard your business customers. For more details, see here.

  • A tailored guided experience where your business customers will see a list of integrations to help connect their data.
  • Accounting integration is mandatory so that you get the full benefit of the Railz data.
  • Ability to make Banking or Commerce integration connections mandatory to dictate which integration steps are necessary for your use case.
  • Ability to list the service providers you do not want your customers to see while keeping them enabled in the dashboard. This is helpful if you're testing Railz Connect in different environments when rolling out service providers gradually.

Advanced Whitelabelling Capabilities for customers on an Enterprise plan:

  • More text customization options such as the ability to change the styles, size of the text, colour, customize the content, and more.
  • Hide our Railz terms and conditions or add your own T&Cs for your business customers to review your privacy terms.
  • Customize the help links within Railz Connect with your own content to better guide businesses to your resources.
  • Ability to remove the Railz logo and the ability to replace it with your own logo.

Customers on Pay as You Go plan will no longer have the ability to remove the watermark in Railz Connect v2.0. Customer can continue to use Railz Connect v1 until it is deprecated in January 2023.

:heavy-check-mark: UPDATE (PUT) journal entries in Xero

Railz API now supports updating journal entries in Xero. A journal entry can be used to represent a range of financial activities impacting the general ledger. Updating journal entries in Xero enables and complements a wide range of accounting automation use cases, such as accounts payable automation, payments and payroll service providers.

For more details, see the Xero integrations.

:heavy-check-mark: Onboard Multiple Businesses

Create multiple businesses via Railz Sites through the use of one onboarding link. For more details, see here.

  • A no-code solution to create multiple business connections.
  • Send out a generic link to multiple business customers at a time for them to connect their data all in one go. End business user just needs to enter their business name and connect. You will see that business in the dashboard and their connected data.
  • Save time from creating one-to-one business links on the business list page and sending out a specific connection link to each business.
  • Ability to expire the previous link and generate a new one.

🚨 Changed Functionality

:heavy-check-mark: Overall improvements and non-breaking changes

  • API Performance optimization.
  • Data extraction and normalization improvements.
  • Sage Intacct accounting integration is now part of our open beta program.
  • Ability to search for a report in the Railz Dashboard.