Release Update - February 28, 2021


  • [Widget] Railz Widget now supports redirecting the end-user to a landing page once their account was successfully connected. (See updated Widget Parameters)
  • [API] Customers can now sync & retrieve all available business/organization details from the accounting software provider. (See /businesses/info in updated API Reference)


  • [API] Date fields now specify timezone in ISO format e.g. 2021-01-01T00:00:00Z. (See updated Date Formats in API Reference)
  • [API] API results set limit has been lowered from 1000 to 500 . (See updated Pagination in API Reference)
  • [API] API meta object now returns startDate to null for /balanceSheet and /trialBalances. (See updated API Reference)
  • [API] Updated edbitdaAssets in /financialRatios response object to returnOnAssets. (See updated API Reference)
  • [API] Updated shortDebtEquity in /financialRatios response object to debtToEquityRatio. (See updated API Reference)
  • [API] Updated totalDebtEquity in /financialRatios response object to totalDebtToEquityRatio. (See updated API Reference)
  • [API] Updated debtAssets in /financialRatios response object to debtToAssetsRatio. (See updated API Reference)
  • [API] Updated FreshBooks redirectUrl required for configuring app in FreshBooks developer portal. (See updated FreshBooks Configuration in API Docs)
  • [API] Updated QuickBooks Online redirectUrl required for configuring app in QuickBooks Online developer portal. (See updated QuickBooks Online Configuration in API Docs)
  • [API] Updated Xero redirectUrl required for configuring app in Xero developer portal. (See updated Xero Confoguration in API Docs)


  • [API] Removed startDate as a query parameter in /balanceSheet and /trialBalances. (See updated API Reference)
  • [API] Removed interestExpense from /financialRatios response object. (See updated API Reference)


  • [API] Overall data extraction & normalization improvements.