Release Update - April 05, 2021


  • [Dashboard] Administrators can now add Webhooks through the Dashboard to subscribe to the following events: New Connection, Authentication Completed, Data Synchronized, and Push Status. (See Events & Webhooks and Webhooks)
  • [Dashboard] Users can now enable two-factor authentication on their Dashboard account. (See Security)
  • [API] Railz now supports a beta track for previewing early features. (See Request Beta Access)

Added (Beta Only)


  • [Dashboard] Dashboard home page now shows live account usage data. Customers can see their Account Usage, Active Connections, and API Requests Over the Last 30 Days.
  • [Dashboard] Added Subsection and Sub-group columns to Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cashflow Statement reports.
  • [Dashboard] Renamed sub to Subaccount in Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cashflow Statements reports.
  • [Dashboard] Added date and YTD debit/credit to Trial Balance report.


  • [API] Overall data extraction & normalization improvements.