Webhooks & Events

Webhooks can be used to notify your systems about events as they occur in a Railz connection. Using the Railz Dashboard™, you can setup several webhook endpoints to be notified of such events.


Webhooks are not available in Sandbox mode.

Configure Webhooks

To configure your webhooks, go to Developers > Webhooks.

If you have not added a webhook already, click Add Webhook.

Railz Dashboard - Webhooks. Click to Expand.Railz Dashboard - Webhooks. Click to Expand.

Railz Dashboard - Webhooks. Click to Expand.

Webhook URL

The Webhook URL represents the endpoint to which the webhook should be sent.


Your webhook URL needs to be publicly available and secure HTTPS.

Event to Send

You can use this dropdown menu to select the Railz event that should be sent via this webhook. We currently support the following event types:

  • Authentication Completed
  • New Connection
  • Data Synchronized
  • Connection Disconnected
  • Push Status


See list of events that webhooks are triggered for.

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