2022-09-12 (Q2.3)

🚀 New Features

:heavy-check-mark: GET credit notes from Sage Intacct

Railz API now supports pulling credit notes from Sage Intacct. Credit notes are like a voucher issued to a business's customer. They are a reduction that can be applied against one or multiple invoices. Credit notes can either reduce the amount owed or cancel out an invoice entirely. Pulling credit notes can be useful when building integrated features for receivables automation.

For more details, see the Sage Intacct integration.

:heavy-check-mark: UPDATE (PUT) journal entry in Oracle NetSuite and QuickBooks Online

Railz API now supports updating journal entries in Oracle NetSuite and QuickBooks Online. A journal entry can be used to represent a range of financial activities impacting the general ledger. Updating journal entries in Oracle NetSuite and QuickBooks Online enables and complements a wide range of accounting automation use cases, such as accounts payable automation, payments and payroll service providers.

For more details, see the Oracle Netsuite and the QuickBooks Online integrations.

:heavy-check-mark: Build financial forecasting scenarios

Customers are now able to perform financial forecasting scenario analysis to better understand risks, the impact of different market conditions, and the potential results of certain decisions. The percentile parameter can be used to adjust the forecasted values by providing a value between 0 and 1 (exclusive) to mimic the different market & risk scenarios.

For more details. see financial forecasting and the /financialForecasts endpoint.

🚨 Changed Functionality

:heavy-check-mark: Set tracking categories when creating journal entries

Customers are now able to set tracking categories when creating or updating journal entries. Tracking categories, also known as classes, allows businesses to group expenses or invoices by location, department, or any other meaningful segment of their business. Setting tracking categories in journal entries is useful when building integrated features for payables/receivables automation, expense management and other applications seeking to save customers time and money on back-office and admin tasks.

For more details, see journal entries and tracking categories.

:heavy-check-mark: Dashboard Homepage Update

  • Enterprise and Pay As You Go Plans will now see the number of active connections for the billing cycle to see the billing period's usage. Only visible to admin and billing roles.
  • Free Plans will now see a count of the number of lifetime businesses that were connected. This is a rolling total for a business in an active state. This will allow you to better track how you are utilizing the Free plan and when you should upgrade your account.

:heavy-check-mark: Request to Read All Orders in Shopify

Customers are now able to enable access to over 60 days of Shopify orders through the Railz API. This requires special permissions from Shopify. For more details, see the Shopify integration.

:heavy-check-mark: Overall improvements and non-breaking changes

  • Refreshed Dashboard login & signup pages.
  • API Performance optimization.
  • Data extraction and normalization improvements.
  • Ability to fire GDPR Customer Request through the /sandbox/fireWebhooks endpoint.