🚀 New Features

:heavy-check-mark: Railz Sandbox V2

Railz now supports the ability to test all supported integrations in the Sandbox environment. Customers will be able to access a minimum of 5 years of production-like data. As part of the new Sandbox changes, Customers will need to enable the required integrations in Sandbox through the Railz Dashboard.

For more details, see Sandbox.

:heavy-check-mark: Railz Connect Event Listeners

Railz now supports adding event listeners in Railz Connect. Customers will be able to build custom user flows and experiences that meet their needs and improve conversion.

For more details, see Event Listeners.

:heavy-check-mark: Support for new charts in Railz Visualization SDK

Railz now supports new financial charts and widgets in the Visualization SDK. Customers will be able to access financial ratios, top expenses & revenues sources, bank account summary and Railz credit score chart widgets through the SDK.

For more details, see Visualization SDK

:heavy-check-mark: Support viewing Credit Score & Rating in the Dashboard

Customers can now view and download Credit Score and Rating data through the Reports page in the Dashboard.

🚨 Changed Functionality

:heavy-check-mark: Introduction of a pagination object for financial statement & analytics endpoints

Railz API response has been updated to include a pagination object for all financial statement and analytics endpoints. Customers can now build an application that can easily page through the result sets returned by the Railz API.

For more details, see Pagination.

:heavy-check-mark: Billing Updates

Railz has made updates to the billing plans:

  • Switch customer usage to be based on the number of businesses connected (i.e. active) regardless of how many integrations are added per business.
  • Switching the free plan to allow 25-lifetime businesses instead of 25 active connections at the same time.
  • For more pricing details, visit our pricing page

:heavy-check-mark: Revoke access tokens on connection disconnect

Railz API will automatically revoke and disconnect applications from a business' accounting provider when disconnected through the /connections/disconnect endpoint for QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks and Wave.

:heavy-check-mark: Changes to Developer role permissions

Users with a developer role can now manage webhooks in production environment.

For more details, see User Roles.

:heavy-check-mark: Fixed: Net Income calculation in Visualization SDK & reports endpoints

An issue that prevented Net Income from being calculated properly for certain periods has been fixed in this release.

:heavy-check-mark: Fixed: AR & AP Aging report dates

An issue that prevented AR & AP Aging report dates from being displayed in the Dashboard has been fixed in this release.

:heavy-check-mark: Overall improvements & non-breaking changes

Released overall improvements & optimizations to:

  • Data extraction & normalization improvements.
  • API endpoints & data models.
  • Railz Connect user experience improvements.