Release Update - January 08, 2022



  • [Railz API] Updated the GET /taxrates endpoint to indicate if a tax rate is being used for purchases and/or sales transactions. See updated API reference for more details.

  • [Railz Dashboard] Updated the Railz Dashboard to meet web accessibility WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

  • [Railz API Docs] Release a new layout for our API docs including a Railz Platform Overview and no-code and developers quickstart guides.


  • [Railz API] Deprecated and removed the GET /transactions endpoint. Customers should be using the /accountingTransactions endpoint per our notice in early October 2021.


  • [Integrations] Overall data extraction & normalization improvements.

  • [Railz API] Improved validation schemes for API endpoints.

  • [Railz API] Overall API stability improvements.

  • [Railz Dashboard] Overall UI and UX improvements to business financial summary and reports page.