Event: Connection Disconnected

The Connection Disconnected event is the quickest way for you to receive updates about a disconnected connection.

Railz sends an event when a connection status has changed to a disconnected state (e.g. inactive). The Connection Status Changed event is not triggered for new connections. To subscribe to a new connection event, see Event: New Connection.

The payload for this event will contain all the connection information. You can identify this specific event by the property "event":"connectionStatus".

"data": {
  "event": "connectionStatus",
  "connectionId": "CON-0a4e97aa-7a77-bbbb-00aa-b1b1001aa00",
  "businessName": "BIZ-d6b1c7d3-fe41-4447-ae72-3814b78b5142",
  "serviceName": "quickbooks",
  "oldStatus": "active",
  "newStatus": "disconnected",
  "message": "Refresh token expired for quickbooks, reconnection required",
  "disconnectReason": "expiredCredentials",
  "effectiveOn": "2021-05-07T10:18:29.985Z"

The webhook event will return one of the following disconnect reasons:

  • duplicateAccount
  • unauthorizedClientIdKey
  • unauthorizedCredentials
  • expiredCredentials
  • credentialsNotFound
  • reauthorizationRequired
  • authorizationRevoked
  • institutionNotFound
  • insufficientPermission
  • disconnectedByCustomer


See Connections for all possible connection statuses.


You can consolidate all events by tracking the received connectionId or businessName and serviceName combination.