Event: New Connection

The New Connection event is the quickest way for you to receive the connection information.

Railz sends an event when a new connection is created (i.e the user has opened the accounting service provider login page).

The payload for this event will contain all the connection information. You can identify this specific event by the property "event":"login".

"data": {
  "event": "login",
  "connectionId": "CON-0a4e97aa-7a77-bbbb-00aa-b1b1001aa00",
  "businessName": "BIZ-d6b1c7d3-fe41-4447-ae72-3814b78b5142",
  "serviceName": "quickbooks"

After receiving the New Connection event, you will later receive an Authentication Completed event (if enabled), after a successful connection to the accounting service provider.


You can consolidate all events by tracking the received connectionId or businessName and serviceName combination.