Railz offers a sandbox and a production environment to develop and launch your application.


The Railz sandbox is a free and fully-featured environment for application development and testing. All Railz functionality of both the Railz API, Railz Connect™ and Railz Sites™ is supported in the Sandbox environment. A variety of accounting data is available to test against, and you can create an unlimited number of test businesses and connections. Sandbox API keys can be obtained in the Railz Dashboard™.

Railz Sandbox is our dummy accounting service provider for you to test happy paths and edge cases while experimenting with different functionalities. While we have tried to make this data as varied as possible, please bear in mind it is mostly generated by our team and we cannot guarantee its completeness or accuracy.

The Sandbox can be accessed via the Railz Dashboard™. You can enable the Sandbox mode by toggling the Dashboard’s Enable sandbox option in the side navbar.

Railz Dashboard - Enable Sandbox. Click to Expand.Railz Dashboard - Enable Sandbox. Click to Expand.

Railz Dashboard - Enable Sandbox. Click to Expand.


For security and privacy reasons, you are not able to make live connections to real accounting service providers in this environment.


Environment API Keys

The sandbox and production environments function almost identically, with a few necessary differences. Your sandbox API keys and Railz Connect™ widgetId will have SB_PROD as a prefix. (e.g. SB_PROD_00000CA111B222F33FC4444DF3CE67B0)

Sandbox Data

The Sandbox provides rich test data as of March 2020. We add data on a need-to basis to ensure coverage for all use cases.


Need more Sandbox data?

If you need to simulate specific accounting data or transactions, please reach out to our product team through the Help Center.

Pushing Data on Sandbox

Pushing data is available on the Sandbox using the Railz Sandbox service. See Pushing Data for more details.


To access Sandbox data using the API, your API calls should use sandbox as serviceName.


Once you have completed your development and testing in the sandbox, you can subscribe to a billing plan to activate your production environment and complete your integration process. This will allow you to connect to multiple real business connections and use the full Railz service.


Environment API Keys

The sandbox and production environments function almost identically, with a few necessary differences. Your production API keys will have ID_PROD as a prefix.


Production Setup

If you don't have it setup already, you may do so through your Account section in the Railz Dashboard™. For a custom production plan, please contact our Sales Team who can help you get setup.


Going to Production

Ready to go live? Make sure that you are using your production API keys and the specific service provider application keys so you can create real connections! :rocket:

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If you didn't subscribe to a production billing plan yet and want to get started with a Sandbox environment only, don't worry, just Start Developing! If your integration is ready to go live, make sure you follow the right steps to Go to Production.

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